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The 1832 Voters Roll for Strathearn including Crieff Auchterarder Muthill Blackford and Comrie ( Part One )

Democracy Arrives !
Having  taught genealogy or family history for  more than fifteen years  to further education students here in Strathearn, I have been aware  of the importance of providing adequate  research sources  for those attempting to find that direct  route back to Adam ! The 1832 Voters Roll was something quite unique aand is not generally available on the internet genealogy web sites . Why was it so important ? 
The Scottish Reform Act 1832 was an Act of Parliament that introduced wide ranging changes to the election laws of Scotland. the Act was passed at approximately the same time as theReform Act 1832 which applied  only  to Wales and England .Before the Act six small Counties elected an MP Only in alternate Parliaments .The Act changed things . Kinross and Clackmannanshire became a  single constituency . Edinburgh and Glasgow  had two MPs whilst Aberdeen , Dundee, Greenock, Paisley and Perth had one each .
The effect of the reform Act was considerable . 5 000 adult male…